Client Profile: Jenny Bramble

Goal: Lose weight, become more fit, gain strength for pole dancing
Method: Personal training twice a week. High protein, low carb diet. Cardio.
Results: In a period of four months, Jenny was able to bring her weight down from nearly 190 pounds to 155 pounds--just a few more to go to reach her goal weight! She has gained strength, confidence, and a healthier lifestyle. Instead of eating carb-heavy rice dishes and drinking soda, Jenny now has healthy meals consisting of primarily lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits as well as drinking plenty of water and tea. She works out with Rob twice a week and has seen incredible gains in her dancing.

Before, May 2014
Working Hard!
Current, Sept 2014


Client Profile: Cassie Galavotti

Client Profile: Candace

I've been working out with Rob for almost a year now. I started out with a goal of losing some weight before my best friend's wedding. Since January, I've come a long way physically and personally. I've lost a dress size, leaned out considerably, and retaken control of my physical well being.
I used to be the kid who couldn't run a mile in high school. Now I'm the woman who has run four 5ks and one 8k in the last six months. I couldn't have done it without Rob. His guidance and constant encouragement not to mention his high energy and jokes, have kept me on track even when I was ready to quit! I've lost weight and inches. I've gained confidence and a renewed sense of determination, all thanks to Rob.